CUDDLY Turkey Crispers
CUDDLY Turkey Crispers
CUDDLY Turkey Crispers

CUDDLY Turkey Crispers

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CUDDLY Turkey Crispers are single ingredient, dehydrated crunchy treat perfect for ALL breeds and sizes. Made from 100% Turkey breast - that's right no additives, preservatives or artificial flavors. Making it the perfect treat for all, even pets with sensitive stomachs. 

Not only do dogs love them - they're loved by cats too!  


  • Single Ingredient 
  • 100% Turkey Breast 
  • No Additives, Preservatives, or Artificial Flavors 
  • Protein Packed
  • Human-Grade
  • Free Range
  • Responsibly and Ethically Sourced from Local Farmers 
  • Made in the USA  

Serving Size:*

  • Small Dog (5 to 15 lbs) - 1 to 2 Crispers
  • Medium Dog (16 to 30 lbs) - 2 to 3 Crispers
  • Large Dog (31 to 50 lbs) - 3 to 6 Crispers
  • XL Dog (51+ lbs) - 6 to 10 Crispers

* Recommend serving size per day, consult your veterinarian regarding any specific dietary restrictions for your dog

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